Intellectuals as Prime Agents of Antonio Gramsci's Philosophy of Proletarian Hegenomy

Garry B. Tabugon


This paper exposes Gramsci's idea of non-violent revolution that instead of insisting on winning the revolution at all cost. It considered another way of making the struggle victorious. The non-violent revolution is coined by Gramsci as ``proletarian hegemony''. It is a radical unlearning of our popular Filipino thinking, exorcising ourselves of the traits we have inherited from foreign and local bourgeois ideology. To eradicate this mentality or ideology, there is a need to form organic intellectuals who commit their lives to educate the suffering masses and to make them realize that they are the key to their liberation. There is a need for intellectuals who do not treat their education as merely an intellectual exercise; people who do not dichotomize education from life itself, who knows how to integrate and use their knowledge in uplifting the situation of their fellow Filipinos.


Intellectuals, Proletarian Hegemony, Gramsci, Revolution

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