Floral Assessment in Lake Mainit Watershed, Caraga Region, Mindanao Philippines

Meljan T. Demetillo, Richie P. Lador, Romell A. Seronay


Lake Mainit is one of the Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) in the Philippines with unique biodiversity resources that are at risk due to forest degradation and conversion of forested land to agriculture, shifting cultivation, and small scale mining activities. Thus, it is the main concern of this research to identify and assess the endemic and endangered flora of Lake Mainit and its watershed. The survey revealed a total of 202 species of which 14threatened species, 52 endemic species and 57 economically important species. The floral diversity in Mainit watershed area is currently facing variety of threats which need to be countered if conservation of biodiversity can be seriously considered. Among the threatened species were Toona calantas, Dracontemelon dao, Dipterocarpus validus, Shorea negrosensis, Shorea contorta , Shorea polysperma, and the Agathis philippinensis Noteworthy is the discovery of Raflessia mixta, a new species of plant found in a secondary growth forest of Mainit Surigao del Norte. This species is also considered site endemic, rare, and threatened. Thus, the result of this study would serve as basis for the formulation of policies for the protection and conservation of these species before these plants become extinct and the formulation of the Lake Mainit Watershed Management Plan.


Assessment, Endangered, Endemic flora, Lake Mainit, Rafflesia mixta

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