Call for Papers | JULY 2021 ISSUE

We invite you to share your research through our new journal, Dyurnal Hong Matematika, hosted by the Department of Mathematics of Caraga State University.

Dyurnal Hong Matematika (DHoMat) is a peer-reviewed open-access journal that shall circulate articles relating to the advancement of researches in mathematics education, pure and applied mathematics. The Journal accepts original papers in a wide range of areas in mathematics including but are not limited to integration theory, copula theory, graph theory, combinatorics, mathematical modeling, environmental statistics, computational statistics and mathematics education. All submitted papers must adhere to accepted ethical and scientific publishing standards.

Articles to be submitted must follow the general and specific guidelines of the journal. Submit your paper through the journal’s website at http://journal.carsu.edu.ph/index.php/dhm/index or email dhm@carsu.edu.ph.

For inquiries and updates:
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CSUDHM
Email : dhm@carsu.edu.ph
Website : http://journal.carsu.edu.ph/index.php/dhm/index

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